The United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI) is a global initiative that aligns institutions of higher education with the United Nations in furthering the realization of the purposes and mandate of the Organization through activities and research in a shared culture of intellectual social responsibility.


Brilliance in social activities and research that promotes prosperity and economic opportunity, greater social well-being, and protection of the environment.


  • To offer state of art path forward for improving the lives of nearby people.
  • To undertake collaborative projects with government for the welfare of the society.
  • To instill ethical, social and environmental perspectives for the sustainable development of the community.
  • To nurture imagination, Intellectual social responsibility and interpersonal skills among students
  • To promote technical knowledge sharing culture and coordinate humanitarian relief operations


  • A commitment to the principles inherent in the United Nations Charter as values that education seeks to promote and help fulfil.
  • A commitment to human rights, among them freedom of inquiry, opinion, and speech.
  • A commitment to educational opportunity for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnicity.
  • A commitment to the opportunity for every interested individual to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the pursuit of higher education.
  • A commitment to building capacity in higher education systems across the world.
  • A commitment to encouraging global citizenship through education.
  • A commitment to advancing peace and conflict resolution through education.
  • A commitment to addressing issues of poverty through education.
  • A commitment to promoting sustainability through education.
  • A commitment to promoting inter-cultural dialogue and understanding, and the “unlearning” of intolerance, through education.

The United Nations Academic Impact is a programme of the Outreach Division of the Department of Public Information. It is open to all institutions of higher education granting degrees or their equivalent, as well as bodies whose substantive responsibilities relate to the conduct of research. Its essential frame of reference is:

  • To bring into association with the United Nations, and with each other, institutions of higher learning throughout the world.
  • To provide a mechanism for such institutions to commit themselves to the fundamental precepts driving the United Nations mandate, in particular the realization of the universally accepted Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To serve as a viable point of contact for ideas and proposals relevant to the United Nations mandate.
  • To promote the direct engagement of institutions of higher education in programs, projects and initiatives relevant to this mandate.

Convenor : Dr. R. Sujatha

Faculty coordinators

  • Harsh. S.Suresh – Asst. Professor , Dept of EEE
  • Antu.V.Raj. - Asst. Professor , Dept of CSE
  • Rajeesh R - Asst. Professor , Dept of ME

Student coordinators

  • Fouzia Khalam
  • Ujwal

Council members

  • Ruksana.S
  • Sreekesh

Program committee head

  • Abdhullah

Documentation committe head

  • Emil Joseph Morris
  • Emil Joseph Morris

Finance committee head

  • Abhijith

Representation from UKF College of Engineering and Technology in Kfunai is
1.Joint Public Relation Officer-Ruksana.S (Department of Computer Science, 3rd year)

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