Electronics & Communication Engineering

About Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering is an evolving field, which encompass almost all aspects of daily life. Electronics engineering concepts are widely used in telecommunication, space technology, information processing, biomedical engineering, speech processing, image processing, VLSI, embedded systems etc.

Electronics engineers are expected to design life support systems used in hospitals, personal communication devices, video and audio systems, solar panels used in space and much more.

In this branch, students are introduced to the concepts of modern electronic device, telecommunications, computer networking, control systems, digital electronics, wireless communications, satellite communication etc. This department offers hands on training to the students to meet the requirements of the industry in well equipped and hi-tech laboratories with sophisticated instruments and equipments under the guidance of highly qualified experienced and dedicated faculties. The department association CESA conducts technical festivals on national level periodically with more than 50 colleges participating from various states. Moreover the association provides technical talks from eminent personalities and workshops are conducted for students and faculty to be a part with the current industrial scenario.

To provide all possible sources of information a fully fledged department library including e-books is maintained and updated continuously. Industrial visits to some of the major companies are done periodically to have a grip with the current technologies and the general working atmosphere.The graduates of electronics and communication engineering have easy access to many job opportunities in the field of electronics and telecommunication industry, banking, computer manufacturing, hardware designing and systems planning.


To be acclaimed as centre of excellence in Electronics and Communication engineering and to mould the students as industrial standard professionals with strong commitment to the nation and its fellow beings.


M1: To provide quality education through effective teaching learning process.
M2: Applying engineering knowledge to come out as pioneer in the field.
M3: To instill ethical values and social commitment to the future engineers.
M4: To provide the best facility, infrastructure, and environment for their students.

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