Systems Lab

Systems Laboratory of the department has the facility for doing experiments in VLSI, DSP, Microcontroller based system design and circuit Simulation.

Microwave Lab

The lab is used for the following research areas

  • Microwave Measurement and Design
  • Characterization of Microwave devices and circuits

Circuits Lab

This lab provides experiments that are related to topics Analog Circuits 1&2. The experiments are framed in such a way that the students are able to apply theoretical relationships involving diodes, Photo electronic devices, BJTs, FETs and UJTs and thereby design and set up circuits.

Digital Lab

Digital Integrated Circuit lab is another well equipped & advanced electronic lab. In this lab students get a strong understanding of Digital Electronics (Boolean Algebra, K-Map reduction, familiarization of Logic gates, Adders, MUXs, DEMUXs, Encoders, Decoders, Flip-flops, Counters)

Communication Lab

Sections in communication lab are analog communication, digital communication, microwave & optical communication. The students will gain the practical hands on experience on various digital to analog modulation schemes, implementation of digital modulation circuits. The students will gain the simulation hands on experience on various communication techniques using the software MATLAB.

Electronic Workshop

Electronics engineering workshop is the ultimate platform for ECE aspirants as well as any engineering student to experiment various electronic circuits. The lab is well equipped with CRO, function generators to familiarize with various signals. Introduction of passive and active components help the students to identify and design application oriented circuits. Soldering and PCB fabrication process is also familiarized for the stud

Product Design Lab

This Laboratory is used by both the B.Tech and M.Tech students for the purpose of completion of their projects. It consists of software tools for designing electronic systems such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. The Lab is equipped with licensed softwares.

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