• PEO 1: To develop graduates with good technical knowledge and aspiration towards higher studies and research.
  • PEO 2: To prepare the students to succeed in industry / technical profession through meticulous education.
  • PEO 3: To develop practical skills by providing hands-on experience to the students.
  • PEO 4: To develop the communicative skills by providing skill trainings.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s)

  • PSO 1: Capable to analyze real time problems, design appropriate systems to provide solutions that are technically sound, economically feasible and socially acceptable.
  • PSO 2: Ability to design and implement projects in the field of Electronics, Communication systems, Image Processing, VLSI, Embedded systems etc.
  • PSO 3: Students will be furnished with necessary soft skills, aptitude and technical skills to work in the software and hardware industry.
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